Martin Cerruti
1 min readDec 30, 2020

I feel you. Given a choice, I'd rather not touch anything scrum or agile with a ten foot pole either. It feels like business people trying to control a process they do not understand, and in the process absolutely ruining the productivity and creativity (and often times the enjoyment) of programmers.

Ever since posting this article, it has gotten quite a lot of responses, some from developers who like you and I, are deeply frustrated with the whole thing, but also from proponents who deem what I describe (and what a lot of people experience) as faux scrum. That poses an interesting juxtaposition, because if so many people experience "faux" scrum, then doesn't that just become "actual" scrum, whereas "correct" scrum is merely utopic?

Either way, as an engineer I think you should maximize your time writing code, producing code and subsequently products you can be proud of, and if scrum gets in the way of that, I think you're absolutely right in steering clear of it!

Martin Cerruti

Software Architect, Technology Writer, but most of all a programmer.