Store, Query and Restore Historical Data directly using SQL Server and Entity Framework Core

Time is the ever present dimension not only in our lives, but often times in our applications too. We store timestamped events in our database, schedule actions to be executed at a specific point in the future, or even keep track of a customer’s changing shipping address.

The world changes…

Command-line apps don’t have to be boring!

Command line applications are the most primitive applications ever invented. In a world of sleek, highly optimized web applications that offer a great user experience, CLI applications are rudimentary, error prone, and sometimes downright infuriating to work with.

You either love them, or hate them. There isn’t really any middle…

After almost a decade, most Agile transitions are still frustrated. But is Scrum really to blame?

Blue paint smudge

A little over two years ago, I wrote an article that discussed how the Agile working methodology in general, and Scrum in particular, had changed the way modern companies — especially software companies — work.

The article was essentially a fairly elaborate rant. Back then, I had been working in…

The next version of C# is around the corner, and it’s laden with exciting new features!

With the upcoming release of .NET 5 — the release which unifies the .NET runtimes — Microsoft recently announced the features that will be included in C# 9. With the final Preview version of C# 9 being announced today, it’s not far off.

In this article, we’ll take a look…

Working with pointers, breaking type safety, and all sorts of fun in the unmanaged world

Over the past few years, C# has established itself as one of the mainstay languages in modern software development. In Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey, it ranked as the 7th most popular language among both hobby and professional programmers.

With prominent technologies such as ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework gaining…

Deploy and update your applications in a declarative manner with the option to roll back if things don’t go as planned

Kubernetes is rapidly gaining traction as the de facto standard for running large containerized workloads in production. Kubernetes’ takes a different approach to creating and maintaining application components than what we’re used to. …

Kubernetes fixes some very real problems. But are those really the problems you’re facing?

Over the past few years, Docker has become an immensely popular way of building, shipping, and running applications. Long gone are the days of having to rely on server configuration and other external factors. Just build your application for Docker once — and run it anywhere!

While this is a…

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