The Holy Grail of Software Architecture May Not Be Divine

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File scoped namespaces, record structs, and more

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After almost a decade, most Agile transitions are still frustrated. But is Scrum really to blame?

Blue paint smudge
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The next version of C# is around the corner, and it’s laden with exciting new features!

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Working with pointers, breaking type safety, and all sorts of fun in the unmanaged world

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The Architecture that captures events produces a natural audit log and allows for time travel.

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Deploy and update your applications in a declarative manner with the option to roll back if things don’t go as planned

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Kubernetes fixes some very real problems. But are those really the problems you’re facing?

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Create client code in seconds for all popular languages, and save hours of repetitive manual labor.

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How to set yourself apart from other developers and become a joy to work with

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Martin Cerruti

Software Engineer writing about his daily software adventures, wherever they may lead.

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